Telerik released their roadmap for Sitefinity CMS 7.0 this week. You can view the full roadmap on their site:
Roadmap 7.0 –
While there are several major new features & improvements on this roadmap, we’re really looking forward to 2 of them. These two!

A. Link Related Content Items

From the roadmap:
“Direct your online visitors to relevant and interwoven content faster by linking related content on your public website. Telerik Sitefinity makes it easy to set up links between content items and related dynamic content types through the UI. Working with custom fields, users can relate the content item to a dynamic content type within Sitefinity and display linked items on a public website.”

We see this on blogs all the time – that list of a few “Related Links” after you’re done reading a post. Extending the functionality to any Sitefinity website will expand the site’s usability. It’s much easier to keep visitors on the site – which increases the odds they’ll contact you – if they have more & more relevant content to read.

B. Duplicate Page Templates & Forms

From the roadmap:
“Why start from scratch every time you need a new form or page template? Telerik Sitefinity CMS increases productivity by allowing you to duplicate an existing form or page template and then make further customizations and modifications as required.”

We particularly like this one, for one big reason: Quick template duplication means shorter development time. Not only does this save our developers time on building custom pages, it saves our customers money. And it gets them their new website that much faster!

These are not the only improvements when it comes to website capabilities, of course. The other 7.0 improvements include things like:

  • Migrate several separate websites into a single Multisite Instance (easier to manage that way)
  • Custom Fields for Pages (like we mentioned in a previous post)
  • A built-in HTML5 video player!

Duplicating page templates and adding a “Related Links” sections, however, are applicable to just about every website out there. Not every business maintains several websites at once. Not every website will host videos (that’s why we have YouTube and Vimeo!).

7.0 will give business owners a bigger platform, with finer control over everything from individual content blocks to groups of websites. We like that. And we think you will too.

Sitefinity 7.0 is scheduled for release in April. We’ll keep you up-to-date as things progress!

2 Features Everyone Will Like from the Sitefinity 7.0 Roadmap

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