About the Sitefinity Insider

The Sitefinity Insider is a blog dedicated to the Telerik Sitefinity CMS. How it works, how today’s businesses can & should use it, and how to extend its capabilities through development.Sitefinity CMS Platinum Partner

We’ve been working with Sitefinity since Version 3. As of April 2014 it’s on Version 7 and still maintaining a brisk release schedule. As you’d expect, multiple releases means Telerik has many businesses running different versions of Sitefinity CMS.

They will all need support. Need help when it’s time to upgrade. Need advice & training on how to use newer versions of the CMS.

PlanetMagpie has provided all this for our San Francisco Bay Area clients for years now. As a Platinum Partner (the only one in our area, in fact) we’re certified for development and well-trained in CMS administration.

We decided to start up this blog due to increasing questions about Sitefinity. Here you’ll find how-to’s on working within the CMS or tackling issues. As well as guides on developing layouts, using modules to build extras into your websites, and more.

Got a Sitefinity question? Email it to us, or leave a comment on our latest post.

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Please Note: PlanetMagpie or any parties associated with it are not responsible for any damage that may occur to your systems as a result of following this advice. This blog does not constitute a contract for technical support. But we’re happy to help you out with Sitefinity upon request!