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What should I do if google analytics widget is missing? 14. March 2018

If the widget’s missing entirely, you should try republishing the entire Sitefinity website from Visual Studio. If it still doesn’t appear, chances are you have a database error. You could contact Progress Support or a Sitefinity developer. We have Sitefinity developers on staff if you’d like to reach out directly: chris.williams@planetmagpie.com.

We would like to enhance our site search and looking at a product called Algolia. Have you heard of any integrations between Sitefinity & Algolia? 13. December 2017

No, I have not heard of any such integration. But they do have an API available…it’s certainly possible.

Sitemap 23. June 2017

I take this to mean you’re curious about creating a sitemap within Sitefinity? The function is under the Administration menu, in the Tools section, for Sitefinity v8 and up. You’ll see a “Sitemap” link there. It will generate a full XML sitemap for you, usable with search engines.

Should I be able to navigate to blogs if all blog pages and posts are drafts? I get a 404 error once I click on any blog. It doesn’t show my post 23. June 2017

Sorry, but no. Blog drafts are content items, not pages. They need a page to ‘recognize’ them to display. There is a Preview button if you want to check your work before hitting Publish.

change content block content dynamically 12. April 2017

This is possible if you’re logged into Sitefinity.  Once you log in, click the “Live Site” link at the top of the backend.  You’ll return to the website, with one addition – a black pencil box on the right of the screen.  Click the box and you’ll see an “Edit Content” window like this:

Edit Content box in Sitefinity

Click “Edit Content” and you’ve unlocked In-Line Editing!

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