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How can we make a full screen website with Sitefinity CMS? 21. September 2015

Hello!  If you’re using a newer version of Sitefinity, the basic page templates should default to full-size.  Creating custom page templates makes it easy to set full-size by default too.

You published a news feature “Why Sending Emails to 50 or More People from Outlook/Exchange is Bad News” where you recommended using 3rd party services such as Constant Contact or MailChimp to avoid blacklisting or security issues. Does the Sitefinity Email feature resolve any of this, or do you still recommend a “whitelisted” service? 21. September 2015

Sitefinity’s newer versions incorporate a “Digital Marketing Platform” suitable for email marketing.  It does incorporate security protections, and is usable for small business email.  However, we usually recommend a dedicated email services provider (such as Campaign Monitor) if you communicate with customers frequently via email.

Why do you use WordPress and not Sitefinity for your site? 21. September 2015

An excellent question.  When we started this blog, we wanted to keep it separate from the main site.  At the time our main site ran on Sitefinity 3.7, which did not have the multi-site capability needed to run multiple discrete websites.  Since WordPress is a simple and quick-to-setup blogging platform, we opted to use it.

We are in the last stages of considering a migration from Sitecore to Sitefinity and a site relaunch. Price is always a concern, but what is really bugging me is project plan supposed to take ONE YEAR! This feels nuts to me. Or am I nuts? 20. February 2015

A year?!  Wow, that seems way too long.  I can only think of two reasons a Sitecore-to-Sitefinity migration would take so long:

  1. The site is *huge*. I’m talking huge even for an enterprise site, thousands of pages, high-functioning tools welded into Sitecore, etc.
  2. Sitecore itself is making the migration difficult.

I’d suspect the latter, frankly. Sitefinity can handle enterprise sites just fine. You might have to manually re-enter some content, but that doesn’t take a whole year.

If you’d like, email me at chris.williams@planetmagpie.com with the details. Maybe we can shorten that timetable.

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