This is by far the largest effort to date for me at PlanetMagpie.  We had meetings for requirements and documentation of these in a detail that would allow any consulting company to make a bid on this project.  After a month the client was back with our quote and looking at what could be delivered in the time-frame needed.

We won the bid and began in earnest to make the application an example of Sitefinity CMS for content management yes, but also to deliver a full fledged Contact Relationship application, with tiers of management for registration of the users as Participant and Coordinators of Participants to attend Safety Training events.  The events module was extended with numerous additional data fields.  Custom UI forms were built for every role and features were duplicated with permissions based access to field level data items.
I think this is our most elaborate development using every bit of Sitefinity for data management and content management.  It put my Sitefinity Certification and all my coding and project management skills to the test.  In the end we did deliver on time, but getting all the kinks and really making it perform were areas we had to struggle through to completion even after the application was into production use.
I’m proud of it take a look if you are interested:
CMS Training Event Management and Registration Application

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