If you’re reading this, you’re curious about the Sitefinity Content Management System. Or about how Content Management Systems work in the first place. Either way, you’re in the right place.

For 2014, PlanetMagpie is relaunching our Sitefinity CMS blog. We’re calling it:

The Sitefinity Insider: How Sitefinity CMS Works, How to Extend It, and How Today’s Businesses Use It

So, welcome! Let us explain a little about who this blog is meant for, and what we’ll cover here.

The Blog Meant For Business CMS Users (and the Curious)

We’re making The Sitefinity Insider for business users who use a CMS for their website (or want to).

Sitefinity was made with multiple levels. It can be customized at almost every one of those levels, from how its websites display buttons to how it stores & protects customer information.

It has a rapid update cycle too – they release a new version every 6 months!

There’s a lot of complexity to this software. We aim to lay out its capabilities, instances of how to use it well, and how-to posts. All to help you fully understand the CMS.

What Insider Posts Will Talk About

Our posts will (mostly) focus on one of three categories:

  1. How to Use the Sitefinity CMS for Business Users
  2. How Sitefinity Works “Under the Hood”
  3. Ways to Extend Sitefinity’s Original CMS Functions with Modules, Custom Coding, Themes and Plugins

We may also sprinkle in important news about Sitefinity releases or awards.

The Sitefinity 30-Second Introduction

In case you aren’t familiar with Sitefinity CMS at all, here’s a very quick rundown:

Sitefinity is a Content Management System for running business websites. It focuses on an easy-to-use interface, extensibility of the basic structure for easy customization, and secure data processing for ecommerce, and adaptable design for mobile users.

You’ll find out more in upcoming posts. So follow us on Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn to stay up-to-date!

Call for Questions

If you have a question about Sitefinity, or about Content Management Systems in general, please send it to us! I answer questions about Lync Server all the time at our Lync Insider Blog. We want to make the Sitefinity Insider the same kind of resource for readers.

Introducing the Sitefinity Insider Blog – 2014 Relaunch

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