Now that 7.0 is out, we have a new environment to learn about. Let’s play!

On the 10th I mentioned that Telerik has a trial option available. I was curious…so I decided to make use of the Sandbox. Time to experiment!

As I mentioned before, the Sandbox is a Free trial of Sitefinity CMS for 30 days. No setup needed; it’s hosted on Telerik’s servers. Just create your sandbox and play around.

How to Claim Your own Sitefinity Sandbox

Go here: Try Sitefinity 7.0
If you don’t have a Sitefinity Account already, you’ll be prompted to create one. Only takes a moment.
Once you’ve signed up Telerik will send you an account activation link, at which you’ll find this screen:


I changed the sandbox URL and selected Business Template.
Sitefinity then fires up your sandbox. You receive an email when it’s ready, with the URL, login and password.

First thing I noticed when I logged into the Sitefinity Dashboard was this:
Not only can I change templates, but I can manage all sites right from this toolbar menu. That’s new…and I like it!

Switching to Pages view, I find a near-identical menu as you’d find in 6.x. There’s just one change: Page Translations are now listed in-line. The sandbox site includes English and Spanish versions of most pages. And each has an Edit option right underneath it.

Let’s try editing the Home page and see what happens.

Most of the Page Editor has stayed the same. I can reach content items, navigation elements and other widgets in the right column like usual. But what’s this?

An option for previewing the page on smartphones & tablets, built right in. Handy for testing – while you’re still in Edit mode!

Let’s exit out of the Editor and move into Page Title & Properties. This is where Sitefinity stores property values for each page. SEO metadata, navigation options, search options. And something new:

Take a look at the right corner. “Items linking to this item”. No items are linked to this page (because it’s in a sandbox)…but this represents a useful site function.

Seeing which items link to a certain page, means you know what else you may need to do after editing that page. Say you change this page’s title? Its URL? Or even remove it? You’ll know right away what other pages will receive (or need) updates in turn.

Helps cut down on broken links and search ranking snags.

That’s about all the time I had to play in my Sitefinity sandbox for now. Next time I’ll dig around in the Content menu for Part 2. We’ll take a look at 7.0’s news items, images, videos, modules & more.

Playing in the Sitefinity 7.0 Sandbox, Part 1
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