In the last few weeks I had the fun of taking the design of a new website for an existing company and making it their new live website in just under 2 weeks of dedicated effort.

Our customer had a hard time with content management and used an HTML website they could not maintain.  After just the first week I had all the templates and pages created.  Content was being entered and styled.  Behind the scenes we developed a custom dynamic module for managing service notifications they wanted to make with alert statuses of green and red.  Quick configuration of the module and deployment and we were in business.  Implementing a couple of custom widgets for presentation and the Business Continuity Alert system was complete.
Next came products and imagery, the product lines were created as pages and accessed using main navigation controls we styled for the design.
This may all sound simple and it is in general, but getting it right the first time and working with the latest HTML 5 and CSS 3 standards proved challenging and gratifying as I delivered more and more output.
Here’s the finished website:
Rapid Prototype to Production

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