One year ago, we posted about Sitefinity 8.0’s release.

A year later, Sitefinity 9.0 is here.

Sitefinity 9.0 – What’s New

What does 9.0 bring to the table? Enhancements to its Digital Experience Cloud, form builder, app builder, localization…it’s what we call an “evolutionary release.” Taking the existing tools and making them better.

Let’s go down the list and see just how much better 9.0 is.

List of New and Upgraded Features in Sitefinity CMS 9.0

Improvements to the Digital Experience Cloud
The Digital Experience Cloud (DEC) has more detailed customer profiles, like lead scoring. This helps you see where a prospect is in their journey to becoming a loyal customer, at a glance. It’s called a “360-Degree View.”

There’s now support for importing customer data via CSV. Data is often stored this way by other third-party tools. Now you can add them to Sitefinity & make a more complete picture of the person with whom you’re talking.

Personalization Campaigns
More flexibility in audience segmentation – Split your audience into groups by any category you’d like. Location, industry type, job type, their history with you, common characteristics, etc.

Personalization also includes measurement on conversion rates. You’re able to continually monitor how well your marketing efforts are doing.

Content-driven Mobile Apps (Made in Sitefinity!)
Engage customers on their phones! Build apps driven by your own content with the Sitefinity Mobile Apps Builder.

Not only can you reuse existing content, you can guide customers to what they need, all on mobile.

“Content as a Service” API
Share your content to other systems too! Sitefinity’s new API is based on OData standards, to make integrating your content a simple & modern process.

Operate Internationally
Manage language-specific versions of your website. And now you can include your images, videos, documents and other files.

Multi-Page Forms
Create forms using widgets, like you do pages. Need more information, but requesting it would make the form too long? Split the form into sections! Sitefinity’s Form Builder lets you break forms into smaller pieces for a better user experience.

Faster Feather Work
When you visit a website, you want a fast result, right? You want to locate the information you’ll need right away.

To help you make this happen, Sitefinity 9.0 includes updates to the Feather framework (mobile-friendly development).

Simpler widget development, precompiled views…the kind of help developers can use to shorten their deployment times.

New Interface
Sitefinity 9.0 comes with a new administrative interface. Keeping up with the latest clean design standard, this new interface makes finding what you want to edit nice & quick.

Testing Sitefinity 9.0: It Only Takes Minutes to Add New Features

A free 30-day trial of Sitefinity 9.0 is available: Free 30 Day Trial –

I opened a sandbox – a demo of Sitefinity you can activate in 5 minutes – to test out these new features.
First thing I did was enable the new interface. It’s clean and pretty!

Pages View in Sitefinity 9.0

Next I went to the Forms library (under the Content menu). The sandbox has 2 forms prepared for you: a Job Application and Contact Us.

I opened the Contact Us form to test modifying an existing form. All it takes is drag-and-drop. Just like on a Sitefinity webpage.

Form Widget Test

Creating a new form is just as simple. It only took me a few minutes to make a simple Quote Request form.

Quote Request Form Builder

Next, it’s over to the Mobile App Builder.

Selecting content to display only took 3 steps. From there I can publish the app to Sitefinity Box (an app for testing Sitefinity mobile apps), modify it in App Builder, or download the app.

Sitefinity Box

Finally, I went to Personalization (under the Marketing menu). Creating a user segment is just as easy as creating a form. I created an “IT Manager” segment and applied 2 characteristics.

User Segmentation

Manage Your Website and Your Customer Relationships from One Place

This is just with the basic options, too. With a Sitefinity developer available, there’s almost no limit to how far you can customize each and every one of these features.

9.0 shows the Sitefinity development path as focusing on a complete digital marketing platform. Using it, you manage not just your website, but also your lead generation. Your email marketing. Your overall customer relationships from first visit to third sale (and fourth, and fifth…).

What sounds most useful to you about the new Sitefinity CMS? Please comment or email us about which of these 9.0 features appeals the most.

Sitefinity 9.0 is Here – With New Personalization Tools, Form Builders, App Development Tools and More

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