It’s here!

We now have a new version of Telerik Sitefinity CMS – 7.0 was just released.

You’ll find a list of what’s new in this version at: What’s New in Sitefinity 7.0

We already have the sandbox loaded up. While I await impressions from our senior developer (he’s playing with it now), let me briefly discuss a couple of the new features I’m looking forward to.

Two Features Content Developers Will Enjoy

Obviously a full version release like 7.0 has a lot of new & improved features. Two of them caught my eye in particular‚Ķmaybe because I’m a content developer myself. They were Ratings and Reviews, and Related Content.

Ratings and Reviews
You see these on major ecommerce sites all the time. Amazon’s famous for their customer reviews on books & products. With this new feature, you can add the same functionality to your own website. (It works with the Ecommerce Add-On.)

Reviews are critical for good sales. Few things are more powerful persuaders than a customer saying, “This worked great for me!”

Related Content
Bloggers rejoice – Sitefinity has a power-packed Related Content feature now!

When you read a news article online, or a new post on a popular blog, you’ll often see a stack of links at the end. They’re called “Related Links” or “Related Items”, and they offer a handful of on-site links relevant to the article’s topic.

Sitefinity 7.0 has added this functionality. But not just for news items – no, this is Sitefinity! They have to go farther than just linking news.

The new Related Content feature includes the capability to relate:

  • Static Content (Blog Posts, News, Events)
  • Pages
  • And even items created with Dynamic Modules.

Almost every content type you can create with Sitefinity, in other words.

You can understand why I’m excited to work with 7.0. These and a host of other new features mean lots of options for content developers to build powerful websites, and expand their influence across the Web faster.

Free Trials Available for Sitefinity CMS

If you’d like to try Sitefinity 7.0 yourself, head to Telerik’s site:
Try Sitefinity 7.0 for 30 Days
You’ll find a downloadable trial version, and an online sandbox if you don’t want to install it in-house just yet.

If you do try it out, leave us a comment with your thoughts!

Sitefinity CMS 7.0 is Here

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