Telerik has just announced major changes to Sitefinity’s licensing model.
Full details are listed in a Partner Announcement.

For everyone who isn’t a partner (like our customers!) let me break down a few of the relevant details. Not all of the licensing changes will affect you.

After June 1, Sitefinity Enterprise Edition ($19,999) will have its concurrent user limit removed. The Connector for SharePoint will also be added. This means that the Enterprise Edition license will come with unlimited users, unlimited servers, and all product features.

The Professional Edition license ($9,999) will have its Email Subscribers limit increased, from 25,000 to 50,000 emails. The “Unlimited Email Subscribers” and “Content Personalization” add-ons in the Online Marketing Edition, however, are being discontinued.

In Standard Edition ($2,999), the “Professional Support” add-on is being discontinued. This means Standard Edition users cannot purchase an unlimited support option from Telerik. We’ll revisit this one shortly; it could have further ramifications.

And finally – after June 1, every domain name pointing to a live website will require you to buy a domain add-on license. This includes sub-domains! You can buy these individually, or in bundles of 5, 10, 30, 50, even 100. Prices are discounted with bundles: for example, 1 domain for Professional Edition is $4,999, while 10 domains for Professional Edition is $19,999.

What the Changes mean for Sitefinity Customers

Old licensing terms will be honored until July 1 for a transition period. Existing licenses with active subscriptions will have a grace period until August 1.

So no need to panic! Licensing terms may just change when it’s time for renewals. Most of our customers won’t even see a difference.

I do want to reiterate the point about domain add-on licenses though. Some websites use multiple domains now – one for typical access, a sub-domain for ecommerce, a sub-domain for sales or support, and so on. The new licensing terms mean you must purchase a separate domain add-on license for each of these domains.

Best thing to do in such a case is to plan out how many domains you want at the start of any website project. That way you know how many domains you’ll need before development begins.

For full licensing costs & details, visit the Sitefinity Pricing and Licensing page.

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Sitefinity Licensing Changes Coming in June/July 2014
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