Do you already use Sitefinity to run your website? Next year, the renewal price you pay annually will change.

A price change for new Sitefinity licenses took effect in June. That’s normal when you have major new versions like Sitefinity 10, with lots of new features (check the previous posts for more details).

In early August, Progress announced changes to their renewal pricing as well. Renewal pricing is the cost paid annually to maintain existing Sitefinity licenses. Just like renewal fees at the gym.

In the past, renewal pricing was 30% of the initial license cost. The new renewal pricing will largely maintain that percentage…which means they go up, since the new license cost went up already. The changes will take effect on January 1, 2018.

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Image courtesy of Progress.

After January 1, the renewal prices will be:

  • Standard Edition license renewals – $899
  • Professional Edition license renewals – $4,500
  • Online Marketing Edition license renewals – $9,000

**To renew an Enterprise Edition license, you must contact Progress.

The 30% renewal rate also applies to Sitefinity add-ons. For instance, the Site Synchronization add-on (which lets you sync content from a staging website to a production one quickly). It costs $8,000 for the first year, and then 30% (or $2,400) for renewal each year afterward.

The Renewal Process

Sitefinity’s renewal process goes like this:

  1. You decide you want to use the Sitefinity CMS for your new website.
  2. You contact Progress (or a Progress partner like us) to order a new Sitefinity license. The license grants you the software to build your website, and the right to use the Sitefinity CMS for one year.
  3. You (and the Progress partner) build the new website. Shiny new site!
  4. 9-10 months later you receive an email. Your Sitefinity license is up for renewal on X Date (exactly 1 year from your initial license date).
  5. You pay the renewal cost. Progress logs the renewal in your Sitefinity account, which updates your website’s CMS too.
  6. The website keeps humming along.

What happens if you don’t renew your license?

You’ll receive additional notifications leading up to the renewal deadline. (If you’re our customer, we will bug you!) That’s usually enough to get you to renew on time.

What if you miss the deadline, but still want to renew? Don’t worry. You still have 10 days after the deadline to pay the 30% renewal fee. After that, renewal costs 80% of the initial license cost. This is a change as well…they currently have a 60-day renewal rate of 40% for more delinquent license-holders to renew. Like a late fee at the bank. It appears this will go away.

If you do not renew, the website becomes ineligible for future updates and support. New Sitefinity versions will not install. If the website breaks, you cannot contact Progress for support.

IMPORTANT: The website will NOT shut down if you don’t renew your license. This is important for everyone to know. You don’t have a website up & running one minute…the renewal deadline passes…and POOF, the website is down!

We’ve confirmed this after one of our customers accidentally let their Sitefinity license expire. (They did not host the site with us. Tsk tsk.) One day they decided to do a version update—but found they couldn’t!

sitefinity renewal dogOnly a minor crisis though. Once we renewed their license, they were able to do their update without any problems. The website only went offline for 15 seconds, while the server restarted.

Remember: Sitefinity Licenses are Annual (so don’t forget to renew!)

Some CMS use a monthly service fee, or a one-time up-front fee. Sitefinity does annual licensing. This helps them maintain technical support for customers, issue patches & updates, and work on new versions.

Want more details? Try Progress’ Renewals page: License Renewals and Upgrades –

How do you handle Sitefinity renewals? Do you have the renewal date calendared, rely on Progress emailing you a reminder, or something else? Please share in the comments.

Sitefinity Renewal Pricing Will Update on January 1, 2018
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