Readers, we have a special announcement!

This will be the last Sitefinity Insider post. But don’t worry—the blog isn’t going away. It’s just changing!

After this post, the Sitefinity Insider will become…

The Digital Bark

“Make Your Digital Marketing Louder!”


The new URL will be:
(The old URL will still work until the end of 2018.)


Expanding Our Repertoire

Meet Chubsy. He’s taking over the blog, as “Chairman of the Bark.”

Chairman of the Bark

Chubsy wants to expand this blog’s focus. We’ll still talk about the Sitefinity CMS. But we’re adding several more business-critical digital marketing topics, like:

  • Email Marketing Practices & Tools
  • WordPress for Business Websites
  • Other CMS (Content Management Systems) like Craft
  • Business Blogging
  • SEO for Small Business
  • Social Media Marketing

Do you have a digital marketing question? Send it to us at! We want the Digital Bark to answer the questions you, as a small business owner/manager, need answered.

Remember to subscribe to our mailing list, over in the right column. We don’t have the posting schedule ironed out just yet…but you won’t want to miss a single post!

The Final Sitefinity Insider Post (and the Start of a New Blog)
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