The next Sitefinity 10 feature is something you’d find many other places on the Web. Anywhere you’d need to manage information, you’ll often find an “Import” or “Export” button.

But many content management systems don’t include these.

Why? I am not telepathic, so I can’t say for sure. My guess is that since you’d use a CMS to create a website, you’d do the creation part within the CMS’s structure, instead of importing it from somewhere else.

Until now.

Feature 2: Import/Export Site Data

What It Does:

Exports Sitefinity content from one instance, so you can import it into another.

How it Helps:

Starting a new website? Upgrading the current one? Using Import/Export, you can save development time by reusing some or all of the content & data you already have. Reusing content or data used to take hours of slow, back-and-forth copy/pasting. Or worse, copying a database and getting all sorts of weird errors.

Copy Site Data from SitefinityUsing Import/Export cuts all that down to a problem-free 5 minutes.

Since the export creates a .ZIP file, this feature also allows you to make an offsite backup, just in case the worst happens.

The Import/Export Data function will export “content and structure from one Sitefinity instance.” This includes:

  • Blogs (including comments)
  • Content Blocks
  • Libraries (images, documents, etc.)
  • Modules
  • Pages
  • Page Templates
  • User Profiles

The full list is in Sitefinity’s documentation: Elements Supported for Export

Book Stacks - NOT a Backup
What do you mean, that’s not how we back up files?

How to Use It:

Import Site Data in SitefinityIn the Administration menu, click “Export/Import.” Select the content types you want to export from the list. When done, click the Export to ZIP button.

To import the ZIP into a new Sitefinity instance, go to the same Export/Import page. Click “Import ZIP File” in the left-hand column. The process is the same, with the inclusion of locating the ZIP file on your computer. No more difficult than uploading a file to Dropbox.

Please note: The maximum file size for this ZIP file is 2GB. If your content or data ends up larger, export it into multiple ZIP files.

The Sitefinity team put together several videos showing how the new 10 features work. Here’s the video for Import/Export:
Export/Import of Content Types And Data with Sitefinity 10 Between Different Web Sites

Next post will talk about Persona Scoring Improvements. Don’t forget to come back!

How to Use 4 Usability-Improving Sitefinity 10 Features – #2, Import-Export Site Data
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