Remember the Digital Experience Cloud? We talked about it when Sitefinity 8 came out in 2015. Sitefinity 10’s arrival came with DEC improvements too.

A brief summary: The Sitefinity DEC is a marketing “command center,” which collects data about your website visitors and lets you connect the data to marketing/sales goals.

With this new “Persona Scoring Improvements” feature, both the DEC and Sitefinity 10 got a useful upgrade.

Feature 3: Persona Scoring Improvements

What It Does:

The Sitefinity DEC can now attribute all user visits under a given website section (e.g., News) to a Persona profile.

How it Helps:

This comes from Sitefinity 10 and the DEC working together more closely. Both needed updates to make it happen, which 10 delivers.

As a result, it’s easier to target experiences to your Personas. Since the DEC will automatically attribute per section, all you have to do is assign rules for categorizing your visitors. Then you can use each Persona’s data in your marketing campaigns, online and offline.

How to Use It:

If you currently use the Sitefinity DEC, you’ll already have Personas set up (at least I hope so!). You’ll want to add new rules to these Personas.

  • In Sitefinity DEC, click the Datacenter you want to use.
  • Click “Personas.”
  • Click the Persona name you want to update. Click the Add a Rule button.
  • Select the parameters you want to measure–for instance, “Search For” one of your primary keywords, or “Create Comment” on a news item.
  • Click the Add Rule button.

Persona Scoring Rules

This feature is a cross between a creative enhancement and, “Here’s a new tool to work with.” How much value you get out of it, is ultimately up to you.

Post #4 will cover Third-Party User Authentication. This is a BIG help for ease of use…join us again next time and you’ll find out why.

How to Use 4 Usability-Improving Sitefinity 10 Features – #3, Persona Scoring Improvements

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